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[직캠]140917 방탄소년단(BTS) - 상남자(Boy In Luv) / 인천한류관광콘서트 @송도 by DarkSniper  

Curious as to how J-Hope’s shoe slipped off his foot? Watch around :50 
The only idol who can perform with 1 foot shoe, 1 foot sock on and still rock the performance LOL! Poor J-Hope.

BTS: when you start crying after getting into an argument with him.


J-Hope: “Heyyy no crying please. I love you!

Jimin: “Hey hey hey I’m sorry please don’t cry. Look at how cute I am!”

Jin: “Hey that’s not fair! Stop that. Stop that right now!”

Jungkook: *is she really crying? But wait what did I say?*

Rapmon: “You gonna eat that?”

Suga: “You done yet?”

V: “Can you really be upset because of me? I mean seriously. Look at me.”